Saturday, December 7, 2013

Latest Installment of truCallCenters: 350% Annualized Turnover in a 500+ Seat Call Center in Florida where the Unemployment Rate is almost 8%

There is truTV.  I should start a channel called truCallCenters.  I shared this post about call centers using yellow smiley balloons and laminated cards as their quality improvement strategy: (

In the latest installment of truCallCenters, I just talked to a guy running a 600 seat center in Florida who is trying to drive performance in an inbound, primarily sales focused call center in the face of 350% annualized turnover.  To make the math easy, that means on average every seat in his center turns over in less than four months.  Can you imagine trying to run a business where you went out and invested in a new machine and just when you got the machine tuned and running pretty well, it unbolted itself from the floor and walked out the door?  I would also be interested in someone explaining how are we getting a return on the monitors, the recording licenses, and the off-phone coaching time when agents quit before their four-month anniversary.

Now if you just want to reduce turnover, then you have to read this

But the larger issue for the industry is to face the fact that these call center jobs suck, the turnover is always going to be high, and therefore how are going to get better results in spite of this stratospheric turnover. 

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